Let’s just speak loud and yell while on the phone so everyone in the bloody hospital can hear your diagnosis and personal information.

Sometimes we think we need someone in our lives to be happy, but then you realize there is no one out there to make you happy but yourself.

Had such a good time in Vancouver Sunday night.

Out by the Dove Creek Mill 

Out by the Dove Creek Mill 

If you’re going to write an article on a disease or air something on TV check your facts first, Junk food is not the cause of Crohns Disease. I am sickened by the way society and media thinks these days, Why not ask those of us with the Disease about our lives? You’ll easily find out that it’s not junk food that causes the Disease. Crohns disease is an Auto Immune disease. 

I am disgusted with the article written by Sarah Knapton, she clearly does not know how to do research before writing up an article. 

Happy birthday nan, I miss you so much.

Is it worth it?